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Why People Love their
Maharishi Vastu Home

“This house feels very grounded and linked to the environment.  It is exactly how it looked in my mind…”

P. Davey, New Zealand

“Life for most people has ups and downs. I’ve found that I’m more even in handling situations that arise (whether positive or otherwise) and do not get overshadowed. I can focus on what needs to get done and get it done with more evenness. This seems to have grown the longer I’ve been in Vastu.”

I sleep better. I feel more at home. The space…feels alive. I am more creative and fulfilled being here. People who have visited are blown away by the way it feels being there.

L.A., Cape Cod, MA

 “Even the farmer who takes care of our vegetable garden, for the first time in his life without any chemicals, has noticed something different. A few days ago, he told me … ‘But what did you do to these plants? Everything has grown twice compared to my (vegetable) garden that I have been cultivating for years!’

L.Mastella, Italy

“Being happy was the very first thing I noticed about living in our house. It is hard to describe being really happy for the first time since being a child, but that is the main experience from living in a Maharishi Vastu home that I appreciate the most.”

“It feels like I get a breath of fresh air when I enter the building. Then I feel calmness as I move around the office space. Even though everyone seems busy, there is no feeling of stress or panic. Just a great all-over feeling.”

Maharishi’s Remarks After He Moved into His Own Vastu Home, Excerpted

“I am living in the Vastu building, and what I feel is that the walls of the house don’t produce a cage for me. I don’t feel that I am living inside the walls.

I am living within the walls, but the walls are transparent for me…Such freedom, such abundance, such enormous mastery over space and time is the reality of living in Cosmic magnitude. This is living in Vastu.”

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi