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“Maharishi Vedic architecture gives dimensions, formulas, and orientations to the buildings that will provide cosmic harmony and support to the individual for peace, prosperity, and good health – daily life in accord with Natural Law, daily life in the evolutionary direction.” —Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

The Maharishi Vastu system may be incorporated into almost any style of architecture, from classical to contemporary. Its key elements are based on the precise impact of the sun and other celestial bodies that align a person’s intelligence with the intelligence of the cosmos. Maharishi revived the practice to also incorporate contemporary elements that contribute to wellness: natural non-toxic construction materials, an abundance of fresh air and natural light, views of nature, and greatly reduced electromagnetic radiation.

Maharishi Vastu design, the Vedic system of architecture and planning that was revived by the renowned Vedic sage Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, integrates the most life-supporting laws of nature into the design of a home.

Why People Love Vastu

The ancient science of Vastu is key to creating buildings for improved health, clearer thinking,
and enhanced quality of life —as in, a wellness home.

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