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Inner Peace & Happiness

About Vastu


Maharishi Vastu architecture cultivates wellness by aligning living and working environments with the influence of the rising sun, fostering a balanced, health-promoting space for its occupants.


The uniqueness of Maharishi Vastu architecture stems from its meticulous restoration and application of ancient Vedic principles, creating spaces worldwide that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also in harmony with natural law.


Emphasizing the use of natural, 
non-toxic materials and organic design, Maharishi Vastu architecture embodies an eco-conscious approach that
resonates with the surroundings,
promoting sustainable living. 

Discover the Power of Vastu
Designed to Promote Inner Silence and Clarity
A Safe Haven Where Peace Resides
Cosmic Living
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Our projects range from homes to mid-rises and institutional buildings, to wellness communities, on six continents and 57 countries. Not bound by any one particular style, this is a consciousness-based, sustainable form of architecture & community planning. Published peer-reviewed evidence documents how it supports your vitality and well-being. Our portfolio of designs is by accredited Maharishi Vastu architects & consultants, who are are meticulously trained to ensure the authentic application of ancient Vedic principles.

Design your 

Design Concepts

Why People 
Love It

Vastu is the design and construction of a building in harmony with natural law—producing health and happiness—through:


Homes oriented to the east, the direction of the rising sun, promote health, happiness, and success. And, working and sleeping in the right directions are associated with better health physical and mental health.


The strongest influence of natural law comes from the Sun, and as it travels from east to west it generates different qualities of energy. A home should be designed so that these different energies correspond to the specific activity intended for each room. Then natural law will always support all aspects of our daily activity.


Homes are designed with symmetries and proportions calculated to resonate with all holistic structures of nature and natural law,
nourishing our physiology and establishing a harmonious relationship to our earth as well as Sun, Moon, planets and stars.

Vastu around the World