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Source: Managing the Built Environment for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention With

Maharishi Vastu Architecture: A Review, Global Advances in Health and Medicine (read the full review here). 

We spend well over 80% of our lives inside of buildings. Why aren’t we optimizing buildings for the good health of their inhabitants? The research is scattered, and difficult to assimilate. Fortunately, Maharishi Vastu® architecture offers a comprehensive system for building for good health whose elements have, to date, been investigated in 16 peer-reviewed studies, yielding significant findings. Here is a brief summary:

  • Sleeping Direction and Health: Sleeping with the head facing east or south is linked to better health, while north-facing sleep orientation leads to increased stress and negative mental health impacts (pp. 11,  13-141).
  • Building Orientation and Mental Health: Buildings with east-facing entrances are associated with better mental health and financial wellness when compared to south-facing homes, which are associated with poorer mental health, more financial problems, and a higher incidence of burglaries (pp 16, 181).
  • Creativity in MVA Office Buildings: A significant increase in creativity, with a 50-85% improvement in originality and depth, was observed in employees working in MVA buildings (page 181).
  • Quality of Life: A worldwide survey of 187 Residents of MVA homes found:
    • 92% report greater overall success,
    • 89% report improved quality of life,
    • 89% of parents report their children are happier,
    • 85% report less stress,
    • 78% report improved family relations1.
  • Eastern Light and Wellbeing: Exposure to eastern/early morning light is beneficial for mental health. Also, studies support its value to reduce the likelihood of skin cancer, treat winter depression, reduce the duration of bipolar disorder symptoms, and upon the mental health and sleep patterns of children (pp. 19-201).

The findings have identified critical associations between patterns in Maharishi Vastu homes and human health and wellbeing. If you’re interested in reading the literature review please visit here. More research is underway.

1 Lipman, J., et al. “Managing the Built Environment for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention With Maharishi Vastu Architecture: A Review.” Global Advances in Health and Medicine, vol. 11, Mar. 2022, doi:10.1177/2164957X221077084.

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