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Creating a custom home invites the expertise of a Maharishi Vastu consultant to collaborate with you and/or your design team. This collaboration aims to integrate the exact and time-tested principles and techniques of Maharishi Vastu design to ensure your residence harmonizes with nature’s inherent intelligence, maximizing benefits for you and your family.

Our Vastu consultants, most of whom are architects, are available to serve as your design professionals. Their substantial knowledge and experience streamline the process of designing a custom Vastu home. You are encouraged to seek further information regarding this service. Our consultants are also open to working with an architect of your choosing to provide all necessary elements for certifying your home as a Maharishi Vastu designed residence.

Outlined below are the key steps to design and construct your customized Maharishi Vastu home:

  1. Consultation: Engage with your architect and our consultant to discuss the conceptual floor plans, elevations, and sections. Orientation and room/fixture placement are vital aspects of Maharishi Vastu architecture that will be addressed during this phase.
  1. Vedic Dimensioning: Attain precise Vedic proportions for the building, its rooms, and the placement of the building on the site, which are fundamental to aligning with Vastu principles.
  1. Vastu Site Plan: Develop a comprehensive site plan that includes the footprint of the house, utility paths, enclosing Vastu fence with its gates, out-buildings, and the general layout of the driveway.

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